About – Me and my Art.

That’s Me, Neena!

Abstract Drawings and Paintings – I like to work in varieties and experiment with various mediums. Hence, I work and learn simultaneously. By doing so, I have learned to let go of the need to know the outcome. My artwork evolves naturally and spontaneously, often changing course several times before all is revealed in the final piece. My drawings are mostly of intricate lines, pattern design, Zen repetitive work and paintings are colorful abstract (minimal or contemporary) depending on the mood and feeling at the time of creating. I believe, Colors are everything as they lift the energy in the room and have the power to make people feel something and connect deeply.

Mandala Pieces – This artworks hold a unique vibration of calm, healing energy that radiates out and connects with the viewer. Each piece evolves from an intuitive process. My art is translation of energy and manifests primarily in a circular flow.

This has directed me towards two art styles which are visually different but inspired by the same source of energy. My mandala practice is highly disciplined, with each artwork being meticulously drawn or painted. In stark contrast, my abstract paintings are created with very little control over the medium. The dualism in my art practice is complementary and interconnected.

I am a  self-taught Abstract Artist.